Two-Factor Authentication: Why Should I Activate It?

Two-factor Authentication is an extra layer of protection for your accounts that can be activated in mainly every social me

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor Authentication is an extra layer of protection for your accounts that can be activated in mainly every social media account. Also known as "2FA", this resource insert a second identity verification of user while logging in, avoiding the access to accounts, even when the password is leaked.

The main idea behind the two-factor authentication is to make the access to an account harder. Even if the account was hacked or a cellphone was stollen, it is very hard for another person to log in your profiles, since they won't have the 2FA info.

The most common 2FA is text message sent to your number when trying to log in. After the user submit the username and password on the software, this service send a text message with a numeric sequence, and the app displays an insert field for this code. After typing the code provided on the text, the access to the account will be allowed.

In order to avoid Scams, it is really important not to share this code with others, specially strangers.

Why should I care?

Passwords are weak security factors. Although they are necessary, having only a text code is not enough to protect your accounts, considering the sophistication of hackers nowadays.

Searching for stolen data online, the company 4iQ found out in a database with over 1.4 billion passwords, none of them was crypto-grafted. And, the researches noticed that the majority consisted in simple sequences, such as "123456", "111111", "qwerty", and "123123".

Naturally, the users that submit this type of password do it, so they won't forget the log in information. And this is also a reason for another dangerous habbit: using the same password for many different accounts. The software used by hackers can test thousands of passwords in a couple seconds. If the same username and password is repeated in many apps or accounts, hackers can find an open door for everything they want to invade.

List of leaked passwords. Font: 4iQ.

The growth on internet purchases and transactions, accelerated during the pandemic, tuned cybersecurity into a more delicate matter. In studies of Febraban (Brazlian Federation of Banks) showed an increase of 80% in phishing scams in 2020 in Brazi.

In the United States, Aite Group's report showed that from 2019 to 2020, there was an increase of 42% on loss related to identity. In these two years, 47% of interviewed were victims of identity theft, 37% had application frauds, and 38% had their account hacked. The research was conducted with 8.653 American consumers, 18 or older.

Converting these data into money, all of the frauds sum $ 502.5 billion in 2019, and $712.4 in 2020.

What is Mastro offering to help?

Because of our concern to our clients companies, we highly encourage the use of Two-Factor Authentication for all the accounts we manage. For that, we created a process that activates the security resource in a seamless way for our customers. We have a guide to install Google Authenticator where only the clients and Mastro's collaborators that are in charge of managing social media has access.

In case you are already a client and has not seen our official communicate about this resource, please reach out to your team, we are glad to help you to increase your brand's secutity.