Playtime reaches over 17,000 organic views out of Google My Business with Mastro’s assistance

Understand the tactics to successfully promote Playtime in such a niched industry in an unexplored social network.

Playtime, a Brazilian premium playground construction company, reached over 17,000 organic views using Google My Business in the last month along with Mastro’s support.

About Playtime

The company design and construct premium playgrounds for shopping malls, gated communities, schools & kindergartens, and much more. They are in business for many years and are leaders in their market in Brazil. Their solutions include rubber flooring and equipment. Their technology allows the construction of amazingly designed playgrounds with recycled rubber from tires.

From a marketing perspective, the search engine of Google has helped the company to generate leads for over a decade now. However, once Playtime contracted Mastro, our specialists noticed a gap, in which Playtime and the competition were not exploring: Google My Business.

Playtime's Playground in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Google My Business

Google My Business is a social media channel within Google Maps, where businesses can register their contact information, post pictures & videos, interact with customers, receive reviews, and more. In general, the platform allows businesses to have a higher reach on Google.

Using the platform for Playtime has constantly helped the company to drive more organic traffic to its website. In the last month only, the profile received over 17,000 views, 31 phone calls, and a couple of dozen of website clicks. The platform has driven over 300 organic (free) clicks to their website and over 80 phone calls in the last three months. This feature allows Playtime to spend less on ads and decrease the average cost per click received.

The secret sauce on GMB is posting frequently. Playtime has over 10x posted photos than similar businesses listed on Google. As a consequence, Playtime’s posts receive 4150% more views than the competition.

Mastro Marketing

Mastro Marketing, Mastro's full digital marketing solution, includes Multichannel Content Creation and Social Media Management on GMB and 10 other social networks. If your business needs to drive more traffic to its website, generate more leads, and sell more, do not hesitate to reach out to one of our specialists here.