Case Study: Lakeland United FC - Marketing for Soccer Club

Understand how Mastro's services improved the club's brand positioning and recruiting process.

What is Lakeland United?

Lakeland United FC is a semi-professional soccer club and bridge program for athletes in transition between high school and college. The club was founded in the fall of 2021, and less than one year later, has already conquered the State title for the USPL Premier Division. Besides the championship, the organization has also transferred X athletes to colleges and universities with an athletic scholarship, an opportunity that many wouldn’t have without the exposure and experience gained in the bridge program. The ‘Swans’ receive soccer players from all over the world and offer housing in their packages. The athletes also have the option to enroll at Polk State College and get their first credits while playing for the club.

The partnership

In April of 2022, Lakeland United FC contracted Mastro’s services for their entire online presence, and the partnership brought many results. The first big step was a complete change to the club’s website. Our team developed a brand new site with much more modern design and a CMS (Content Management System) for the game calendars, roster, player statistics, and more. The website brought more professionalism to the club, which resulted in credibility and authority for international agents and exchange program companies, that are the main recruiting channel.

Besides web services, Mastro also took over all of Lakeland United’s social media exposure. We set up professional profiles on Google My Business, Linkedin, Tik Tok, Facebook and Instagram. As part of the services, Mastro is responsible for the multichannel content creation, graphic design, copywriting and posting on all profiles.

Our services don’t stop in organic content: through paid ads on Instagram, we are able to reach soccer athletes within their target-audience’s ​​demographics all over the world, and send them over to landing page created to generate leads, where interested players provide all of their key data such as athletic, academic, and contact information.



In just a couple of months working together, Lakeland could already achieve positive results and return on investment out of Mastro’s solutions. Our services helped them to close with 28 international athletes and 8 local players from Polk County for the fall season of 2022. According to Tauan Salgado, the club’s Director of Soccer, the recruiting process for this season was much smoother, since “agents and exchange program companies had much more reliability on us, and I believe the professional website and social media were the biggest influencers”.

Results from services in June and July of 2022

Besides these results, Mastro has successfully supported Lakeland United on the acquisition of its first sponsor: Jimmy John's. You can check the article here.

Future plans

Our job with Lakeland United doesn’t stop here: More sponsorships are the next step. The club needs to grow its revenue streams, and getting sponsors is a very common trait for sports companies. Starting this fall of 2022, Mastro will help Lakeland to find more local businesses that are interested in sponsoring the club in exchange for brand promotion, offered in many different channels: the team’s jersey, field ad boards, live stream promotions, social media and website exposure, and much more.

“As a company that has a wide reach in over 100 countries around the world, we carry a complexity in the marketing and media sector that makes it harder to find professionals capable to cover all the areas. Mastro has drastically changed our present and our future for better in a way that we did not think it was possible in such short amount of time.  First, by rebuilding and completely remodeling our website. Then, by creating a plan and a path for our marketing strategy and the reach in the community. On top of all of that, Mastro is able to operate with speed and urgency, which is line with our high-paced environment as a soccer cub that requires updates on social media and website every day. We couldn't be happier with this partnership and look to keep building our branding for years to come with Mastro as our creative leaders.” - Tauan Salgado, Director of Soccer at Lakeland United FC
Lakeland United x Azzuri Storms

Representing all of our collaborators, Mastro would like to officially thank Lakeland United FC for the partnership and we are looking forward for our long-term partner relationship.